Get Your Server Management Rockin'

Turbo-charge your monitoring, backup, security and configuration management tools
with smart policies and container technology.

  • Collect Data for IT Analytics

    Data collection for server monitoring and analytics

  • Achieve Reliable Backup

    100% coverage for your backup policies

  • Empower Config Management

    Easy lifecycle control for SCCM, Puppet and similar tools

  • Increase Security Compliance

    Secure and audit your servers without blind spots

How Does It Work?

Intigua encapsulates, controls, optimizes and monitors your server tools,
providing centralized visibility and control across mixed environments.
With tool deployment and health all taken care of,
Intigua empowers you to get things done with your servers.

Top 5 Financial Services Company:

  • "By automating and adding intelligent workflow to our management tools, Intigua not only saves us a tremendous amount of time, it makes our operations and tool owners much more effective across cloud and legacy environments."

  • "Intigua saves our tool owners a tremendous amount of valuable time, and accelerates and improves the quality of our operations across cloud and legacy environments."

What Results Can You Expect?

  • 0% Faster

    delivery of IT operations services

  • 0% Fewer

    tool-related incident tickets

  • 0% Less

    tool downtime