Bridging the Server Data Gap: Intigua Brings Agent Data to Microsoft OMS

08 May 2016
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With the rapid rise of big data, analytics-driven innovation is becoming the next big thing in IT. Just think about what all those IT server and system logs could tell us, if we could just get them analyzed at scale. We are already seeing the beginning of this. Security services are identifying breaches and vulnerabilities, Read More

Managing Agent Identities on the AWS Cloud

28 Apr 2016
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So you’re setting up a fabulous new cloud-based compute infrastructure. It probably requires some software agents, at least for configuration management and monitoring. In a traditional enterprise on-premise setting, the agents would be identified by their hostname, such as “”. The nice thing about using hostnames is that they are unique and easy to figure Read More

Unannounced AWS API Change?

06 Dec 2015
At Intigua we integrate with the AWS REST API, among other cloud and hypervisor APIs, mostly for the purpose of discovering servers in customer environments. So far in we have always found this API to be quite stable and reliable. However this weekend we were in for a small surprise… Over the weekend, unrelated to any changes on Read More

Intigua at VMworld 2015 – Booth #437

13 Aug 2015
VMworld is fast approaching. Thousands of people. Hundreds of sessions. Uncountable numbers of powerpoint slides! It’s going to be busy…   But spare a moment to see what’s new from Intigua! Twice “Best of VMworld” – Intigua’s unique technology combines the agility desired by DevOps teams with the architectural and compliance discipline required by Enterprise IT Ops. Read More

Celebrate System Admin Appreciation Day July 31, 2015 – And WIN!

26 Jul 2015
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Our modern world runs on technology. It takes a team to keep everything working. But, let’s face it, the SysAdmin’s of the world are the heroes who keep everything running smoothly. To celebrate System Administrators everywhere, we’re giving away: 1 Microsoft Xbox One 1 Sony PlayStation 1 Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones       Read More

Building the Real Enterprise DevOps

07 Apr 2015
DevOps is such a hot topic in the last couple of years. Everybody likes it. What’s not to like about high agility and empowering the guys in the trenches? If you’re starting a new Internet company, there is practically no question: use a small team with a bunch of open-source and cloud technologies, automate your Read More

4 Popular Server Management Approaches that No Longer Work

15 Feb 2015
Let’s look at four ways IT Ops and Infrastructure teams currently deploy and maintain software on physical and virtual servers and examine why each approach has diminishing success as scale and complexity increase. Over time, IT teams have developed a number of server management processes and approaches. They include: 1. Manual processes 2. Custom scripts Read More

3 Server Management Problems Enterprise IT Needs to Solve

09 Feb 2015
There are three significant problems that plague IT teams as they deploy and maintain agent and agentless server management solutions on 1000s of servers and hybrid infrastructure. Let’s take a look. The Situation: Server Management Processes are Too Complex, Too Slow, and Too Expensive CIOs and IT executives need to ensure that business applications are Read More

How can you centrally manage server tools from different vendors?

28 Jan 2015
Managing so many server tools from so many vendors deployed on thousands of servers, both legacy and virtual, is too complex, is too slow, and too costly. This can be fixed. Fantasy Island In a perfectly simplified world, the server management tools used by an enterprise IT department to ensure back-up, security and server health Read More

Faster, Easier Server Management in Mixed On-Prem. & Cloud Environments

22 Jan 2015
How can we simplify and accelerate the administration of server management tools (e.g., back-up, anti-virus and analytics) across both private and public infrastructure like AWS or Azure? Let’s take a look. The Problem Today, all organizations are migrating workloads and applications to the cloud and public infrastructure. In terms of economics and efficiency, it makes Read More