Virtualizing IT Management Tools:

A New Era of Agile, Expedited IT Operations

In the last decade, virtualization has driven major changes in server, storage, and network computing, enabling dramatic increases in agility and workload portability. These changes have led to today’s emerging “everything-as-a-service” models, where IT resources are easily accessible, on-demand. So it should be no surprise that business users expect IT organizations to operate with the speed and agility of the new models, even in legacy environments that have been in place for years.

Unfortunately, these expectations often go unmet. This is largely because the systems management tools and processes that IT administrators have relied upon to run their computing resources—whether physical, virtual, public or private cloud—are struggling to keep pace with the new dynamics. These solutions were never intended to support such a high level of agility and are exposing and magnifying key systems management operational challenges, limitations, and inefficiencies.

With Intigua, Enterprise IT organizations can:

  • Significantly enhance performance and reliability
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Operate with the flexibility and speed required while still remaining in control

To enable true agility, Intigua believes IT organizations must embrace a new approach to systems management. An approach that transforms today’s operational management layer from a series of silos and roadblocks into a unified collection of systems management services that complements—and even facilitates—the broader shift towards IT as a consumable service.

With this in mind Intigua pioneered the virtualization of IT management tools enabling the transformation of fragmented, manually intensive systems management tools and processes into automated, policy-driven services.