Orchestrate the Lifecycle of all
IT Management Tools and Services

Quickly and easily automate the management of all IT tools throughout their entire lifecycle. Configure, register, deploy, manage, monitor, migrate and upgrade/downgrade all tools, whether internally developed, custom or from any vendor or open-source project.

  • Centralize management of all IT tools
  • Scale productivity to deploy, register and maintain thousands of servers
  • Drive consistent and predictable operations
  • Ensure dependable infrastructure
  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes and custom scripts

Self-Service for all IT Stakeholders



Provide a centralized console that aggregates IT tool management data and enables self-service reporting and action.

  • Eliminate ad-hoc requests, reports and tickets
  • Give stakeholders role-based executional control of predefined tasks, for example trigger a backup
  • Provide real-time transparency and visibility to operational metrics

Centralize Visibility & Diagnostic Access



Aggregate real-time information into role-based views for individual stakeholders, including tools SMEs, application owners, security, compliance, infrastructure and IT Operations teams.

  • Monitor and manage the health and status of all tools
  • Enable real-time troubleshooting and remote diagnostic access
  • Centrally view agent logs

Streamline Operational Processes

Consolidate and automate tool deployment and post-deployment “Day 2” operations. Simplify and enable repeatable fast server management and eliminate manual error.

  • Automatically monitor and remediate agent issues in real-time
  • Provide access to diagnostic details without requiring privileged user logins
  • Unify and simplify agent management processes
  • Integrate with provisioning and cloud management systems
  • No scripts or systems integration to engineer or maintain

Policy-Driven Automation

Centrally deploy and automatically enforce granular operating rules. Maintain control and consistency of backend tools and agents by configuring policies based on application, geography, and server roles (and more) across heterogeneous and distributed infrastructure.

  • Eliminate configuration drift
  • Ensure stability of SLAs
  • Enhance security of enterprise servers on premises and in the cloud
  • Reduce reliance on “tribal knowledge”

Throttle Resource Consumption

Monitor and govern agent resource consumption to maximize server uptime and minimize impact on business service delivery.

  • Establish agent resource utilization thresholds
  • Automatically restart hung agents
  • Prevent agents from negatively affecting server performance

Management Services Catalog

Enable a pool of consumable management services that are fully automated and orchestrated throughout their lifecycle.

  • Extend self service initiatives to incorporate operational management
  • Easily integrated with your cloud management platform
  • REST API enables flexible execution

Separate IT Tools Administration from Operations



Allow IT tool SMEs to centrally configure and administrate policies and then delegate day-to-day operational responsibility for the tool to others in the organization thereby delivering scale and speed.

  • Assign different IT personnel role-based tasks
  • Automate the registration of agents to respective backend consoles
  • Centrally roll out configuration changes and enforce agent versioning

Operational Compliance


Provides audit and compliance teams with simple and independent access to centralized information, simplifying enforcement and accelerating compliance.

  • Create a real-time consolidated view of all server management tools across mixed infrastructure
  • Monitor and enforce uniform policies and processes across siloed teams and tools
  • Easily report on server management policy compliance