Intigua Management Platform

At Intigua, we believe that Software-defined operations represents the next wave of innovation within IT, where not only the infrastructure, but also IT operations management, is transformed into a set of commodity services that is easily configured, maintained, and controlled. It is a journey of transformation that starts today. Whether you are running a traditional data center or migrating to the cloud, Intigua can help get you there. Where are you in the journey?

Discover & Comply

discover copyKnowledge is power. At Intigua, we understand that before you can optimize processes, you have to know what you’re dealing with. Simple questions are often very difficult to answer. Am I running the right set of management tools on a given workload? Are the tools all at the right version? Are they configured and fully operational?

With Intigua’s “Discover & Comply” module, we automate this arduous process and put the knowledge in your hands. With that knowledge, you can proactively identify and fix discrepancies as part of an audit process or simply as part of your IT Operations best practices.

BenefitsUse Cases
  • Real-time discovery of your IT Operations landscape.
  • Independent, un-biased attestation of your corporate policies.
  • Detailed reporting for auditors
  • Document corporate policies related to IT Operations Management.
  • Automatically discover all workloads in environment.
  • Discover existing management tools.
  • Identify & alert on policy exceptions.
  • Document approved exceptions
  • Report trends over time and at a point-in-time.

Command & Control

command copyDespite all of the promises, your IT Operations management tools come with a hidden price tag. They are often difficult to deploy and even harder to maintain, increasing the “Total Cost of Ownership” well above original expectations. Senior resources, originally tasked with the hard job of implementing these tools, are often left behind to support these tools on an ongoing basis, performing low-value and menial tasks. It is both frustrating to your people and costly to the company.

With Intigua “Command & Control,” we automate the mundane tasks in a simple way that allows IT Operations and Support to more quickly assume control. We automate all aspects of the lifecycle – provisioning, configuration, health monitoring, and remediation of new and pre-existing management tools.

BenefitsUse Cases
  • Consolidated view of operational health of all of your management tools.
  • Rapid diagnosis & MTTR for unhealthy management tools.
  • Delegation of low-value tasks to lesser skilled resources.
  • Deploy & upgrade management agent.
  • Uninstall management agent
  • Proactively monitor agent health
  • Remediate problem agents via automated stop/start.
  • Remotely view & collect agent logs.
  • Throttle agent resource consumption.

Virtualize & Optimize

virtualize copyHow can you achieve the right level of governance and control without sacrificing speed and responsiveness for your customers? Your customers want their workloads quickly and they want to minimize the overhead and impact of the management tools on their business applications.

With Intigua “Virtualize & Optimize,” we use container technology to intelligently separate the management tools from the OS and applications with which they reside, making the management layer highly portable while minimizing conflicts.

BenefitsUse Cases
  • Reduce failure rates related to installs & upgrades.
  • Rapidly deploy, upgrade, or remove management tools.
  • Improve stability for business applications by divorcing management tools from the underlying OS.
  • Reduce downtime caused by reboots during install & upgrade.
  • Deploy, upgrade, and remove fully contained management agents.
  • Migrate from physically installed management tools to Intigua System Management Container.
  • Automate the remove of servers from management tool consoles as servers are decommissioned.
  • Assign servers to the appropriate management policies for backup, patching, auditing, log collection, & other key activities.


Abstract & Broker

brocker copyNew tools are entering your IT Operations landscape every day. Whether introduced through mergers & acquisitions, as a displacement to existing tools, or net new functionality to support the business, changes are constant and complex. However, IT organizations are reticent to make changes due to the high switching costs, most notably the cost of re-training personnel on the specific capabilities present in each tool.

With Intigua “Abstract & Broker,” you can eliminate the high switching costs by converting all communication to and from your management tools into a set of common services, regardless of the underlying tools. Instead of worrying about the nuances of a specific tool, Intigua provides a consistent communication interface into all the most common actions and requests facing IT Operations personnel today.

BenefitsUse Cases
  • Present IT Operations management as a consumable service, just like infrastructure.
  • Reduce dependence on IT to deliver governance & control. Puts power in the hands of the business.
  • Eliminate silos of tribal product knowledge.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in by providing a common interface to all management tools, regardless of vendor.
  • Present a unified view of key operational statistics across all management tools.
  • Orchestrate the execution of common tasks across the management tools, such as backups & restores; patching & audits; log collection & correlation.
  • Migrate to new/different management tools without having to re-train personnel.