Intigua Unified Management Platform

The Intigua Unified Management Platform for IT Operations automates and simplifies the dynamic provisioning and lifecycle control of IT management tools and services. It enables systems management to be delivered as an automated, policy-driven service, providing the agility and flexibility IT organizations need to operate at cloud speed, even in legacy environments.


  • Provides a unified portal for visibility, control and oversight of all IT management tools and services
  • Solves IT tools challenges throughout the entire management lifecycle for multiple stakeholders including operations, infrastructure, application owners, tool SMEs, compliance, etc.
  • Transforms tools into operational management services via advanced automation and embedded intelligence
  • Provides an “out-of-the-box” solution for simplifying and modernizing IT Operations, and aligning with cloud and “Everything as a Service” models

Centralized Visibility, Control and Full Lifecycle Management for Improving Agility while Reducing Risk and Cost

  • End-to-end automated tools deployment, configuration and registration
  • Consolidated real-time view of all management tools
  • Health monitoring and automated remediation
  • Adaptive resource throttling to prevent excess server resource consumption
  • Remote diagnostics and real-time troubleshooting
  • Policy-driven tools delivery, configuration and enforcement
  • Normalizes IT delivery and management across physical, virtual and cloud based environments.

Works Seamlessly Across Tools from Multiple Vendors



discover copyIn any enterprise environment, simple questions are often very difficult to answer:

  • Am I running the right set of management tools on a given server?
  • Are all the tools at the right version and configuration?
  • Are they compliant with policy and fully operational?

Intigua provides the complete visibility and control you need to effectively and efficiently deliver on your IT Operations best practices. From a single, centralized portal, multiple stakeholders can access an array of information needed to perform their tasks. Gone are the days of having to assemble pieces of information from various isolated sources in order to understand and manage the landscape.

  • Continuously discover all servers in an environment.
  • Discover existing management tools installed on servers.
  • Real time alerts on policy, configuration, and health exceptions.
  • Extensive historical data for trending insights.


unified management platform

Because IT management tools are often difficult to deploy and even harder to maintain throughout their lifecycle, they generally have a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Senior IT team members, originally tasked with implementing and administrating these tools, often end up supporting their ongoing operations, performing low-value tasks more appropriate for less-costly, general-purpose staffers. This is both frustrating to the tool SMEs and costly to the company.

Intigua automates mundane tasks by separating the administration of management tools from their day-to-day operation. Intigua enables IT Operations and Support to more quickly assume control. Now these groups can manage all aspects of a tool’s lifecycle – provisioning, configuration, health monitoring, and remediation of new and pre-existing management tools – independent of the tool SMEs and the individual management consoles. This unified approach provides:

  • Consolidated management and operational control of all of your management tools.
  • Rapid diagnosis and improved MTTR for unhealthy management tools.
  • Delegation of lower value tasks to general-purpose/lower-cost resources.
Deploy, Provision and Control
  • Automatically and easily deploy, upgrade and rollback management tools.
  • Proactively monitor health of tools and services.
  • Automatically remediate problems.
  • Remotely view and collect troubleshooting logs.
  • Monitor health and control agent resource consumption using Intigua’s Adaptive Resource throttling.