Intigua accelerates IT Operations

Best of VMworld 2012 & 2013 CombinedWinner of multiple “Best of VMworld,” awards, Intigua’s Unified Management Platform delivers centralized, policy-based delivery, configuration and ongoing lifecycle control of all your IT management tools and services. Intigua fundamentally modernizes the way organizations manage their tools by providing the automation, agility and flexibility needed to deliver IT operational management at the speed of the cloud.

Intigua addresses critical, and all-too-common, management challenges for enterprise environments, including these scenarios:

'I want to provision production-ready machines in 5 minutes – including all required management tools for server monitoring, configuration and compliance management, security, data backup, etc.'


Even though virtualization has made server provisioning more automated and efficient, most organizations still manually provision IT management tools and services. This adds days or weeks to the time required to deliver a production-ready server to users. Intigua enables IT to automatically provision new servers and have the required IT management tools installed, fully configured, and functional. With the right management tools instantly configured and deployed via policies based on group membership, you can finally deliver production-ready servers at the speed of the cloud.

'The security team told me to deploy a new version of an agent to 5,000 servers ASAP.'


Vendors frequently release upgrades to their IT Management tools and services to enhance their capabilities and security. But how do you deploy the upgraded version of an agent to thousands of servers without the typical pain, hassle and delay of an upgrade? Intigua enables you to quickly and automatically deploy agents and ensure that each one is configured properly based on your required corporate policy.

'I need to ensure our public cloud instances are consistent with corporate IT governance policies.'


IT tools running in public clouds must be controlled and managed through their full lifecycle, just like their on-premises counterparts. Provisioning new servers and ensuring they have the right management tools and services is challenging enough in your own data centers. The dynamic nature of the cloud further complicates this.

Intigua makes it easy to use the same management tools and processes you’re already using in-house with your public cloud instances. The Intigua Unified Management Platform integrates with your cloud deployments and enables you to automate and normalize the provisioning and full lifecycle control of all your management tools across physical, virtual and cloud-based environments. Finally, a single point of visibility and control for all your management tools, regardless of where they reside.

IT server web scale

IT can now say “Yes!” to public cloud services and easily extend their management tools into the cloud.

'I spend too much time waiting for other teams to give me current health and status information of management tools that are deployed across an array servers and private/public clouds.'


Responsibility for administering IT management tools is often fragmented across different teams and management consoles, each operating within its own organizational silo. This model may have worked well for physical data centers with relatively few servers and infrequent changes, but it is simply not compatible with the scale, speed and dynamics of today’s enterprise environments.

If a critical management agent is not reporting properly, how do you know what the issue is and how can you quickly remediate the problem?

With Intigua’s centralized visibility into all machines and their management tools, you can immediately see agents that are not functioning correctly, without logging into the endpoint server or the tool console. In addition to real-time alerts, Intigua can auto-remediate in order to rectify problems without human intervention. Utilizing the Intigua console, Ops teams can start/stop agents and continuously view their health, versions, configuration and troubleshooting logs from a single unified portal, without privileged user access on the server where the tool is running.

'My management tools consume too many system resources on the server and degrade application performance.'

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Despite sophisticated configuration efforts, business applications still compete with IT management tools on each server for core resources such as CPU and memory. This can negatively impact uptime and SLAs, especially with agents that periodically spike in their resource consumption, leading to serious performance problems or even system crashes. Intigua eliminates this problem.

Intigua-managed agents use advanced Adaptive Resource Throttling to control agent resource consumption at all times. This ensures business applications are always protected from resource-hungry “runaway” agents, and business application performance SLAs always have the highest priority.