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Case Study: Fiserv Case Study – Automated Provisioning & Lifecycle Control of IT Management Tools

Fiserv, a global provider of banking solutions, was struggling to deliver IT resources as quickly as business users required.

They found the complexities and limitations inherent in IT management tools and their processes (IT Operations, Infrastructure, Tool SMEs) were getting in the way and did not scale with their expanding virtual and cloud computing environments.

Fiserv found a simple way to transform cumbersome systems management tools and processes into unified, automated and easy-to-orchestrate services that work across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Check out this case study to learn how Fiserv meets its service levels, improves MTTR and security, and simplifies and accelerates lifecycle management of its IT tools—from deployment and registration through monitoring, migrating, reporting and upgrading—using the Intigua Unified Management Platform.

Case Study: Fortune 500 Case Study – Throttling IT Systems Management Agents

Ironically, server agents (like anti-virus, back-up, and monitoring tools) designed to improve server health can over-consumed available resources and crash servers.

That’s what happened to a Fortune 500 provider of information infrastructure solutions. They found key business applications slowed to a crawl and even crashed when suddenly starved for server compute capacity.

Check out this case study to learn how this leading global company stopped its enterprise-wide email system from crashing.

Case Study: Global Service Provider Boosts Uptime & Compliance

Exploiting Container technology to optimize scalability, agility and efficiency for Enterprise IT Management.