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Intigua has now earned “Best of VMworld” awards for 2 years in a row — including the Gold Award for New Technology — with one of the VMworld judges stating I’ve never seen anything like this. Awards are based on the company’s “innovation and ability to fill a key market gap,” as well as product functionality, performance, reliability, ease of use and integration into existing heterogeneous environments.


Dave-Bartolettigartner server management“[Intigua’s] product is simple, laser-focused, easy to understand … and designed to make real-world, everyday management of virtual environments simpler, faster, and less of a mess. Period.”  Dave Bartoletti, Senior Analyst, Forrester

“Intigua worked exactly as promised. It’s incredibly easy to use, and with Intigua’s single pane-of-glass dashboard, we can anticipate potential performance issues, create policies to avoid them, and proactively manage our environment.  Intigua is our magic bullet.” gartner server management Jerry Nelson, Sr. IT Manager, Fiserv/Open Solutions (Intigua customer)

gartner server managementIntigua was selected as an “Industry Innovator” for Virtualization & Cloud Security.  “Intigua provides a clever, well-executed way to solve a host of problems, including regulatory and security issues in the virtual world … These guys are real thinkers.They have hit on a problem that is worse in the virtual than in the physical.”  Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor, SC Magazine & CISO, Norwich University

Selected as a virtualization start-up getting attentionright now,  Intigua enables “the software-defined data center (SDDC)” while 3-crnimproving “uptime, performance and security.”

11-451-researchrachel_chalmers_original“Nothing’s more impressive than a company that hurtles out of stealth with an enthusiastic customer already on board, and this is what Intigua has done. Though its premise sounds like science fiction, the company’s platform has succeeded in an early account that was anything but straightforward.”  Rachel Chalmers, 451 Research  Read Report » 

Bernd Harzog BW from GigaOM“If enterprises want to move business-critical applications to the cloud, they must figure out how to easily monitor, backup, configure and secure those apps without causing operational overhead. By virtualizing enterprise management, Intigua solves this very real problem in a unique and very effective way, enabling agility by providing automated manageability.”  Bernd Harzog, Principal Analyst, The Virtualization Practice

4-forbesIntigua “eases customer pain that competitors are not trying to alleviate.”  Peter Cohan , Forbes blog.Peter Cohan from Forbes

“This kind of solution can reduce so much complexity in managing the lifecycle of your applications.”  Maish Saidel-Keesing, Virtualization Architect at Cisco, vExpert & blogger at Technodrone.Maish in power plant - cropped

taneja-group“Imagine that all your agents across solutions could be managed, even orchestrated, from one console. This sounds like a combination of cold war espionage, cyberpunk fiction, and remote drone warfare. When you factor in how it can be hard if not impossible to stage management agents in linked clones or golden VM images, that you can’t make use of app virtualization for system-level agents, and find software deployment solutions for complex agent processes difficult to script in a bullet-proof consistent way, the potential value of agent virtualization to large enterprises and cloud service providers grows significantly.There are many more potential benefits to virtualized agents including ensuring better compliance, more fully automated provisioning, and painless agent updating.”  Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst, Taneja Group

“A very interesting and cool product.”  Edward Haletky (@Texiwill), Author, Technologist, and Virtualization & Cloud ExpertEdward Haletky - film grain & cropped

gartner server managementSelected as virtualization start-up to watch (“Beyond VMware”) that allows “more companies to get benefits from operating in the cloud.” 2-boston-business-journalIntigua brings “virtualization technology to management software tools for the first time” and “virtualizes management tools from the likes of Splunk, IBM, HP, Microsoft, VMware, BMC and EMC.”

gartner server management“The cost, complexities, risk, and time involved in deploying and maintaining software agents places a major strain on almost any IT organization.  Agentless solutions typically are no alternative, as they do not provide adequate functionality.  Agents that are virtualized by Intigua can be deployed, upgraded, restarted, and reconfigured without server reboots … Agents that are non-responsive can be automatically restarted within milliseconds, also without reboot.” Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates