Hybrid IT: 5 Steps to Your Ideal Cloud

Many organizations are already using a combination of in-house computing resources and public cloud services such as Salesforce.com, Hosted Exchange and AWS.

This mix of services will gradually evolve to true hybrid IT, where a single application or service leverages both internal and external IT resources.

In this executive white paper, you’ll learn what the experts are saying about the benefits and best practices for moving to this hybrid environment in 5 steps:

  1. Create a plan to move from virtualization to private cloud – and then to hybrid cloud.
  2. Eliminate silos and shape the IT organization of the future.
  3. Enable agility and innovation by automating IT processes with software-defined infrastructure.
  4. Achieve and prove compliance, both with internal policies and external regulations.
  5. Ensure high application available and performance. Period.

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