Intigua Helps You Get the Job Done.

Whether you’re tasked with optimizing IT operations, reducing tool-related downtime, or an exciting new cloud project, Intigua helps you get there, fast.

Achieve a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Achieving a Software-Defined Data Center, where data center infrastructure is delivered as a service, is a key initiative for many IT organizations. The IT Industry is moving forward quickly to virtualize the network, storage and compute layers. However, delivery of operational management services and tools, such as back-up, monitoring, antivirus, etc., is often implemented using manual processes and fragmented automation.

Intigua replaces these outdated and non-scalable processes by virtualizing the management layer that oversees and controls all the agent-based and agentless server management tools.

  • Provide IT organizations a central control plane for all server management tools across physical, virtual and converged cloud environments
  • Apply software-defined lifecycle automation for server management tools and services
  • Automatically provision server management tools based in minutes, not days
  • Enforce policy-based tool configurations based on server role
  • Automatically apply server management updates without requiring a reboot and without impacting applications
  • Orchestrate tool console tasks such as registration, without custom code
  • Pro-active, real-time diagnostics of tool and agent health

Accelerate Cloud Migration & Integration

As IT organizations connect new cloud-based environments to existing data centers, they need to seamlessly migrate servers between different compute environments. Intigua’s policy engine ensures that server management capabilities carry over as servers are migrated, automatically applying the appropriate tools, services and management configuration for each environment. IT staff is now free to focus on other issues knowing that all management tools are connected, running and optimized according to corporate policy.

Intigua provides automatic environment-aware control, orchestrating management of all server tools throughout their life cycle to simplify, accelerate and unify server management across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into health and operational status of all server management tools across environments in a single place
  • Automatically ensure that the appropriate set of server management tools is used in each environment
  • Normalize processes across different tools and environments
  • Migrate servers from physical to cloud environments with ease and efficiency

Simplify Data Center Consolidation

Whether as part of a merger or acquisition process, or as a way to eliminate technology redundancy and costs, data center consolidations have many far reaching benefits to an IT organization.

Intigua normalizes server tool orchestration processes across tools and computing environments to simplify tool and server consolidation and to accelerate data center consolidation initiatives.

  • Automatically migrate server management capabilities including both agents (where relevant) and service configurations
  • Eliminate the need to directly interact with tool consoles for migration purposes
  • Eliminate insecure, error-prone manual server access for tool migration purposes
  • IT Operations can migrate server tools without tool SME involvement

Prevent a Tool Agent from Taking Down the Business

Server tools often rely on agents to run on each server and carry out tasks. But like any piece of software, agents have bugs, and sometimes they behave in unexpected ways. When an agent problem suddenly happens on a critical application server, the results can be catastrophic: Enterprise IT organizations have seen mission-critical applications such as e-mail and CRM systems failing as a result of agent issues.

Intigua places each agent inside its proprietary container technology, ensuring that agents are always in check:

  • Automatically throttle agents in case of CPU overuse affecting applications
  • Limit agent memory consumption
  • Enforce clean agent upgrade and removal
  • Prevent or mitigate agent changes potentially affecting application software

Roll Out Servers to Production Faster

Real-life production servers need the right tooling in place for monitoring, backup, configuration and security. Determining the appropriate set of tools, installing and configuring them is a process that in many enterprises takes days.

With Intigua, IT organizations can:

  • Use policies to articulate which tools and configurations need to go on which server
  • Take into account factors such as the business application, server type and environment
  • Automatically deploy and configure the right tools to new servers within minutes
  • Freely promote dev servers to staging and production, automatically adjusting the server tool stack as needed
  • Monitor and ensure the health and stability of all tools post-deployment
  • At any time, produce rich reports to prove compliance with operational policies and guidelines



Ensure Compliance with Operations Guidelines

IT groups need to keep servers in line with operations best-practices, often as part of the organization’s larger compliance effort. For example, production databases may be required to be supported by high-end security and backup tools, while web servers may need application performance monitoring (APM).

With Intigua, IT and compliance professionals can be sure that each server has the right set of management tools, and that all of them remain in fully-functional and healthy form over time.


  • Define operations best-practices as a set of policies
  • Continuously evaluate server state against policy
  • Identify “rogue” servers with missing tools, tools with functional or data flow issues, or wrong tools – no “blind spots”
  • Automatically fix any deviations from policy
  • Create reports around operational compliance status and exceptions found


Implement IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Emerging big-data technologies allow IT organizations to reach new types of insights. But any IT analytics tool is only as good as the data it’s receiving.

Intigua underlines successful ITOA initiatives, by deploying analytics collections tools such as Splunk and others, and ensuring data flow remain stable and persistent over time. Additionally, Intigua generates its own valuable data about the server environment, and feeds it into the analytics infrastructure.