Intigua accelerates IT Operations

IT Operations & Infrastructure

Operations teams support servers across mixed infrastructures that depend on multiple solutions for critical back-up, endpoint security, monitoring, analytics, etc., capabilities. With today’s operations requiring unprecedented speed and scale, it’s extremely difficult for fragmented processes and siloed teams to keep up with dynamic server management tasks.

Intigua’s Virtualized IT Operations Command Center makes it easy for IT operations and infrastructure teams to accelerate and unify server management across mixed infrastructure.

  • Gain centralized visibility into health and operational status of all server management tools
  • Reduce problem tickets and their resulting organizational impact
  • Empower Level 1 resources to shorten MTTR
  • Minimize privileged server access
  • Eliminate cross-team dependencies and manual processes
  • Eliminate configuration drift and ensure quality and consistency
  • Meet service demands and SLAs

IT Engineering & Management Tool Owners

IT engineering and Management Tool Owners need faster and easier configuration and life cycle control of critical server management services (e.g., back-up, endpoint security, monitoring, analytics etc.) capabilities across mixed infrastructures.

Intigua’s Virtualized IT Operations Command Center provides IT engineering teams and tool owners a way to enhance tool life cycle control and reliability while empowering other stakeholders to address daily fire-fighting.

  • Modernize tool delivery, reliability and agility; automate manual tasks
  • Normalize tool implementation and management across mixed environments
  • Delegate operational day-to-day responsibility for server tools
  • Validate configuration changes are executed correctly and with consistency
  • Provide other stakeholders visibility to real-time intelligence on tools’ health and status
  • Ease painful upgrades and eliminate the need for server reboots
  • Enable easier, less complex collaboration with Application Owners and Operations.
  • Facilitate a transformation to service catalog delivery

Application Owners

Database, website, application and middleware managers lack the direct visibility into management tools’ status. This makes it very difficult for them to ensure the performance and service delivery of their servers’ role.

Intigua’s Virtualized IT Operations Command Center provides Database, website, application and middleware managers owners a new level of visibility and control to know that the management services their applications require are running effectively.

  • Eliminate manual requests and lengthy delays for receiving information
  • Leverage self-service for real-time transparency and visibility into operational metrics
  • Execute predefined management tasks, for example start a backup
  • Confirm that server management tools are up-to-date and operational

IT Audit & IT Compliance

IT audit and compliance teams need a fast and easy way to define server management policy standards, and measure and document compliance to company and regulatory standards. Intigua helps you to identify and mitigate risk.

Intigua’s Virtualized IT Operations Command Center provides audit and compliance teams with simple and independent access to centralized information, simplifying enforcement and accelerating compliance.

  • Create a real-time consolidated view of all server management tools across mixed infrastructure
  • Monitor and enforce uniform policies and processes across siloed teams and tools
  • Easily report on server management policy compliance
  • Reduce privileged server access
  • Eliminate manual effort to gather compliance information
  • Holistically inspect all management tools to discover coverage gaps