shieldYou know that IT governance is a critical requirement, especially in production clouds.  But if you think that governance has to cost you a bit of agility and performance, think again. Intigua reduces both complexity and risk by delivering centralized:

Compliance assurance

… including validating that your entire management stack is properly configured and continuously operating at all times, in order to meet security and compliance requirements according to corporate policies.  Lowers cost of compliance by leveraging policy-based automation rather than manual processes to ensure compliance.  Also maintains granular audit trail of all configuration changes performed on your IT management infrastructure.

scmagazine“Intigua has a positive impact on performance, manageability and security in the virtual world” and is an “innovative solution to a very real problem.”

Winner , “Innovator 2012″ Award, SC Magazine


… into the health status of the entire management stack – continuously and in real-time – from a centralized console and REST API accessed by multiple Cloud Ops teams, via role-based access control (RBAC).  Management technologies such as server monitoring are your “eyes and ears” into the state of your infrastructure — and if they aren’t working you won’t know about potential impacts to SLAs until a user calls the Help Desk.


… via centralized management such as the ability to centrally start and stop agents from a single portal, and to automatically inherit management settings (such as a daily or weekly backup schedule) based on group membership.  Also includes policies that ensure application uptime and performance by preventing management agents from consuming too much CPU & memory at the wrong times.