Your Management Stack — at Cloud Speed

cloudThe Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) dramatically optimizes the way you manage your cloud infrastructure, streamlining IT to handle the massive scale and dynamic nature of private, public and hybrid clouds.

“If enterprises want to move business-critical applications to the cloud, they must figure out how to easily monitor, backup, configure and secure those apps without increasing operational overhead. Intigua solves this very real problem in a unique and effective way, enabling agility via automated manageability.”

Bernd Harzog, Principal Analyst, The Virtualization Practice

Orchestrate your management stack

Intigua provides an API-driven abstraction layer that allows IT management technologies critical for addressing SLAs, security and operational best practices – such as server monitoring, configuration and compliance management, security logging and data backup — to be automatically provisioned, configured and updated via policies in a scalable and on-demand way, by standard cloud management platforms such as VMware vCAC & vCO, CloudStack and OpenStack.

Intigua’s automation platform simplifies how you manage your management stack today — while preparing you for the scalable, policy-based automation that’s a requirement for the SDDC.