IT server provision



Virtualization and cloud enable IT to deliver new levels of agility and efficiency — but most organizations are still unable to deliver a production-ready VM in under 5 minutes.

Why the delay? Because although base VMs can be provisioned quickly, they can’t be used until multiple specialized teams install and configure numerous management tools each server requires for monitoring, security, compliance, backup, etc., as defined by corporate compliance policies and best practices. Often each team requires its own manual processes, handcrafted scripts and domain-level expertise to complete each tool’s installation. This extends the time to instantiate the tools and deliver production-ready VMs—from minutes to days or even weeks.

“When Intigua told us we could deploy and update IT management tools simply by pushing a file to all of our VMs – as easy as drag-and-drop – it sounded like magic.”

Jerry Nelson, Sr., Director Open Systems, Fiserv


Intigua makes 5-minute, production-ready VM delivery possible. Its out-of-the-box solution automates the end-to-end processes to orchestrate, provision and oversee all your IT management tools. This includes:

  • Agent deployment and configuration on server end-points
  • Registration with respective back-end management consoles
  • Assigning the appropriate management policy

Instead of wrestling with a collection of bits and process steps, the Intigua Unified Management Platform eliminates the pain and overhead of caring for tools so users can focus on functional benefits. Intigua even adds intelligence to management tools to eliminate excess resource consumption problems and enable intelligent remediation and remote diagnostic access.

Intigua provisioning and policy based configuration capabilities can easily be integrated with your existing orchestration (vCAC, etc.), workflow automation (vCO, etc.) and configuration management (SCCM, etc.) processes via Intigua’s REST API.