Between multiple siloed teams, multiple consoles and manual change processes, IT infrastructure and operations management has become a monster.  With the massive scale and dynamic nature of virtualized and private cloud data centers, it’s only going to become an even bigger monster.

Intigua tames the IT management monster and fundamentally simplifies the way enterprises provision, configure and update their management stack — including technologies critical for SLAs, security and operational best practices such as server monitoring, configuration & compliance management, security logging, data backup, etc.

Intigua is the only automation platform for centralized, policy-based provisioning, configuration and ongoing control of your entire management stack.

It ensures the ongoing operational integrity of your management stack and works with all your existing management technologies including Splunk, Hyperic, Puppet, IBM, HP, BMC, Microsoft, CA, Symantec, NetBackup, EMC, etc.

VMWorld-Foam-Awards25-WEB“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said one of the judges, after selecting Intigua based on its “innovation and ability to fill a key market gap.”

Intigua is the only off-the shelf solution for orchestrating the management stack itself.  It integrates with and is complementary to cloud management platforms such as vCAC, which provision pre-configured images; and scripting tools such as Chef and Puppet, which provision operating systems and applications/middleware.

Intigua’s differentiators include

Holistic Solution

Automates end-to-end lifecycle for the entire management stack — from initial provisioning of management software to server end-points, to configuring management settings on both end-points and management servers, deploying ongoing updates, continuous health monitoring and troubleshooting.  Works with both agentless and agent-based solutions.  Verifies connectivity between management servers and agents (blocked ports, security certificates, etc.), automatically re-starts agents, etc.  Sandboxes and throttles agents to protect performance & uptime.  Provides real-time visibility and control for all vendors’ management products in a single central portal, including centralized access to agent processes and agent log files without requiring root logins.  Audits/reports on all actions.

API-Driven Abstraction Layer for the SDDC

Virtualizes the entire management stack enabling standard cloud management platforms (vCAC, OpenStack, etc.) to orchestrate the management stack on-demand via programming for the first time – just like they orchestrate servers, storage and networks.  For example, whenever new servers are provisioned, the cloud platform calls Intigua’s API to automatically assign and configure the right management stack to them based on policies for each type of server (Dev/QA, Production, etc.).

Virtual Containers

Encapsulate agents, SSH keys and other system components in a self-contained execution environment that’s deployed as a single container file to end-points.  Reduces risk by containing OS changes within a protected sandbox, decoupled from the guest OS, and simplifies change management by eliminating invasive physical installations.