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Reinvent your patch management with

Intigua Cloud Patch

Cloud-based, zero-maintenance patch management for systems and applications

Real time detection and visibility of IT inventory and security threats
Automate the detection, management, and remediation of software patches
Control, analyze and report cloud patching KPIs through IT inventory
Cross platform patching built-in

Intigua Cloud Patch Management instantly boosts productivity
  • Single connector for all cloud/hybrid environments
  • Patch pipeline management with cloud based CI/CD
  • Role based health scripts execution
  • Patch enforcement with cloud policy engine
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Instantly boost your IT organization productivity , minimize threats and security breaches and get control over your IT assets empowered by user-friendly all-in-one dashboard.
With Intigua Cloud Patch.
Cloud patch
Real time detection and monitoring

Minimize threats and security breaches
  • Vulnerability guarding and management
  • Single source for compliance control
  • Patch status reporting for all inventory
  • Overcome endpoint access limitation
  • Orchestrate all devOps & tooling to ensure compliance
Enterprise class patch management

100% patch coverage across for all managed assets
  • Support large scale policy based patch automation
  • Integration with Microsoft  WSUS and SCCM
  • Rich library of built-in patching bundles ready to use
  • Integration with numerous 3rd party apps and tools
simple IT automation
"This solution reduces so much complexity in managing the lifecycle of your applications."
Maish Saidel-Keesing Virtualization Architect at Cisco, Expert & blogger at Technodrone

Intuitive and customizable

Easy to use all-in-one dashboard that allows to customize policies and procedures

Boost productivity

Automate patching procedures to increase IT productivity

Full coverage

Patch all endpoints within your IT inventory

Secure and compliant

Stay up-to-date with all security updates and compliance audits

How it works?
Intigua smart technology allows intuitive and highly automated deployment on cloud and hybrid IT environments with continous detection and monitoring mechanisms 
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Intigua is backed by 
Your path to Cloud Patching
  • Register to Intigua
  • Connect Inventory Sources: Active Directory, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, vCenter, etc.
  • Auto deploy Intigua JetPatch
  • Define Policies and Remediation Criteria (alert, patch, ignore)
  • View Patch Status Report
simple IT automation