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Why You Need Intigua with
Configuration Management Tools

Already use configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, BladeLogic, Tivoli Provisioning Manager, SCCM, Ansible and SaltStack? lntigua adds powerful agent management capabilities. It leverages and complements existing configuration management tools.

Intigua Adds Value to Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, SCCM and other Config Management Tools

Supported Agents

Intigua includes a rich, ready-made library of agents on both Windows and Linux, closed and open source. A visual tool lets you easily add agents without coding.


Generic CM tools often don’t have the agent content you need, as they are focused on open source tools and Linux. Adding new content requires complex coding.

Easy-to-Understand GUI

Intigua provides a single view for all your agents across environments, tools and backends. Easily identify what’s wrong and fix it.


CM tools either don’t have a UI, or if they do, it’s usually only available to server admins, not tool or app owners. In any case, the UI doesn’t zoom in on agents specifically.

Agent and Server Management

Intigua manages both the agents and their corresponding back-end servers


CM tools focus on individual nodes, making orchestration of both the agent and the backend server very complex.

Centralized Upgrades and Configuration

Intigua enables easy, centralized and rate-limited agent upgrades and configuration changes at scale.


CM tools can update software components, but it’s hard to control the timing and rate of change.

Agent Auto-Remediation

Intigua monitors and displays agent health and stability, and automatically remediates if there are agent problems


CM tools don’t have a deep understanding of agents and don’t monitor both the agent-side and the server-side of management tools, which is critical in understanding true agent health.

Real-Time Diagnostics

Intigua provides real-time remote access to agent controls and diagnostics on all servers, eliminating barriers, while maintaining high security standards.


CM tools are usually not real-time, with limited access controls, so they don’t provide real-time diagnostics. Often complex processes are required for obtaining temporary privileged access just to diagnose or troubleshoot an agent.

Optimized Agent Access

Intigua finds the best way to access each target server, through the network or hypervisor, so its agents can be managed. If you already have a working CM agent in place, Intigua will use it to manage it along with other agents.


CM tools rely on their own agents, which need to somehow get into managed servers, yet they provide either no way or very limited means of pushing themselves.

Agent Resource Throttling

Intigua enables control of agent CPU and memory usage - for each agent individually and for all agents on the server collectively. Intigua’s throttling technology knows exactly when agents are getting in the way, and only limits them without breaking their functionality.


CM tools cannot limit the resources agents consume, so agents can sometimes crash or slow down an application. While it’s theoretically possible to impose some limitations on software processes via CM, these limitations are low-level, simple and not adaptive, breaking the agent functionality when those limits are met.