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Discovery of agent and server inventory

Intigua Agent Manager talks to cloud and virtualization servers, as well as to tool servers, to build a complete, central view of which agents are deployed and running where, and under what configuration.

In the cloud and on-premise

Running on-premise, in AWS, in Azure, or in an OpenStack cloud? Or maybe all of the above? Intigua Agent Manager works with all your environments, and can accelerate the process of shifting workloads from one environment to another.

User and API-defined central agent management policies

New servers get the right agents deployed to them automatically. Servers migrating between data centers, or going through a dev-stage-run sequence, have their set of agents automatically adjusted for each situation.

Library of pre-integrated tool agents

The tool agents you are using are likely to be part of Intigua’s large set of pre-package tool agents. But even if not, Intigua’s self-service packaging wizard lets you easily add new agents.

Agent auto-fix and reconfigure

Intigua automatically identifies broken agents or agents in unhealthy state, and restarts, reconfigures or reinstalls them as necessary.

Deep visibility and diagnostics of all agents

Explore the status of any agent, collect and read its log files, without having to request privileged access to remote servers. Granular access controls ensure that tool owners can remotely access only their own tools.

Orchestrate agents and the servers they report to

Automatically register new agents with management servers, remove registered agents when they are no longer in use, and assign configuration to each agent.

Agent resource management and throttling

Never let agents get in the way of business applications. When agents try to overconsume compute capacity or memory, Intigua confines them to agreed resource limits.
Intigua's smart CPU throttling algorithm limits agent CPU when applications are running, but lets agents run freely when there is no contention.