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Intigua Agent Manager

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For System Center Extend System Center to the Hybrid Cloud

For OMS Deploy OMS data collection quickly and efficiently, including 3rd-party tool data

For Azure MigrateAccelerate migration to Azure

Extend Microsoft System Center to the Hybrid Cloud

Intigua Agent Manager saves IT and DevOps professionals countless hours of tedious tasks by automatically deploying, throttling, troubleshooting and restarting System Center agents across clouds and on-premise and across System Center nodes.

By integrating with Microsoft System Center, Intigua extends its value, automating the management and optimizing the behavior of Microsoft and non-Microsoft IT tools across data centers and clouds—and enabling them all to be centrally controlled via Microsoft’s single pane of glass.

Turbo-Charging Microsoft System Center

Operations Manager

  • Facilitates management in heterogeneous environments
  • Catches and fixes errors before Operations Manager is notified

Configuration Manager

  • Simplifies and automates tasks, such as policy-based re-deployment and upgrades to thousands of machines, minimizing manual intervention
  • Changes tool agent configuration on multiple servers in parallel, without requiring RDP or access to endpoint
  • Optimizes agent memory, CPU utilization and resource consumption to prevent crashes and conflicts with other applications and tools
  • Remotely diagnoses agents’ health and reports in a unified dashboard
  • Automates cleanup and fixes to common problems like WMI, Windows Registry and binary corruptions


  • Extends and simplifies Orchestrator automation with additional and simple policy scripts and enforcement

Data Protection Manager

  • Improves DPM execution with continuous monitoring and automated exceptions reporting
  • Provides status of connected clients

Virtual Machine Manager

  • Enhances operations by providing additional VM health information, such as VMware tools, and status of all agents deployed and managed by Intigua

Accelerate and Centrally-Control Microsoft OMS Data Collection

Intigua Centrally Controls OMS Data Collection Across All Environments 

Making data-driven decisions depends on having all of the relevant information. Intigua Agent Manager centrally orchestrates data collection across all environments -- physical, virtual and and clouds, ensuring all relevant data is sent to OMS. Using Intigua, servers are automatically connected to OMS with the right configuration, including variations such as the use of gateways, or forwarding from SCOM to MMA. Once deployed, MMA and SCOM agents are monitored over time for consistent operation. Learn more about Intigua Agent Manager for OMS.


Connect System Center and 3rd-party tools data to OMS

Since Intigua controls all agents on the server, it can easily funnel agent logs into OMS using the local MMA or SCOM agent. Events such as failed backups or security notices become visible within OMS, even as they are observed by non-Microsoft agents.


Accelerate Migration to Microsoft Azure

Intigua Agent Manager streamlines the operational and security transition of your servers and applications to the cloud by automatically reconfiguring your entire agent stack.

Moreover, Intigua can centrally control and automate agents associated with a variety of other Azure services in addition to OMS, such as backup and recovery.

What is Intigua Agent Manager?

Through the use of a central framework for all agents (such as for monitoring and backup), Intigua Agent Manager provides unprecedented control of the entire lifecycle of server tools, including deployment, continuous monitoring, reconfiguration as needed, upgrades, and synchronization. The use of non-intrusive container technology allows agents to run without interference with business applications. 

  • Intigua can easily deploy and configure both the backend and agent sides of management tools based on policies, and without requiring user access to the endpoint (telnet, RDP, etc.)
  • Use dozens of agent-based and agentless tools out-of-the-box, or introduce new agents with a packaging tool
  • Define management policies for automatically deploying the right agent configurations to each server
  • Keep all agents healthy over time and have automated agent incident resolution
  • Easily integrate with all types of environment - on-premise and cloud-based, including Azure
  • Intigua offers REST APIs that provide deep, cross-tool visibility into server management state