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Intigua Agent Manager for Microsoft OMS

Rapidly unlock the full value of OMS

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Get OMS collection up & running quickly

  • Without blind spots
  • Across hybrid and enterprise environments

Enhance OMS Value

Bring in third-party tool data

  • Data on server management and security
  • Automation and self-service capabilities for third-party tools


Quickly Set Up OMS Across all Environment

Deploy and configure MMA, SCOM and OMS Linux agents, in different configurations across environments with just a few mouse clicks.

Feed Data from Any Server Agent into OMS

Collect information such as backup history logs, configuration change events and application monitoring agent health, directly into OMS views.

Instant Third-Party Agent Reports & Automated Incident

Intigua provides visibility into agent deployment and health, quickly zooming in on blind spots and fixing them manually or automatically.

Centrally Control Collection Across All Environments

Different IT and cloud environments have different management needs. Development, testing and production setups are not all born alike. Ensure each server has right-sized log collection, monitoring and security tools.

Articulate Management & Security Policies and Workload Mobility Rules via OMS

New servers get automatically added to OMS workspaces and other Azure cloud services, according to user-defined policies.