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Intigua Agent Manager

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Accelerate and Centrally-Control Microsoft OMS Data Collection

Intigua Centrally Controls OMS Data Collection Across All Environments 

Making data-driven decisions depends on having all of the relevant information. OMS, however, is primarily built for bringing in data from Windows machines. But not all servers run Windows on them. That's where Intigua comes in.

Intigua Agent Manager centrally orchestrates data collection across all environments -- physical, virtual and and clouds, ensuring all relevant data is sent to OMS. Using Intigua, servers are automatically connected to OMS with the right configuration, including variations such as the use of gateways, or forwarding from SCOM to MMA. Once deployed, MMA and SCOM agents are monitored over time for consistent operation


Connect System Center and 3rd-party tools data to OMS

Since Intigua controls all agents on the server, it can easily funnel agent logs into OMS using the local MMA or SCOM agent. Events such as failed backups or security notices become visible within OMS, even as they are observed by non-Microsoft agents.