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Intigua Agent Manager for SaaS Providers

Increase adoption and utilization of your ITOM and security SaaS products

Software Agents Are a Growing Challenge for SaaS Providers

With more ITOM And Security vendors offering their software as a service (SaaS), and with increasingly complex cloud and on-premise customer environments, the debate around the role of the agents in such a deployment model rises again.

SaaS-based tools are powerful and convenient but agents still need to be deployed, monitored and secured to be effective. This results in slow adoption and utilization of the tool, inability to charge as licensing is consumption-based, and liability for security risks.

Making their agents streamlined, healthy, secure and easily integrated with the most modern automation and orchestration frameworks can take a big toll from SaaS providers, already stretched for resources to deliver core features quickly. Any work on agents is a distraction.

Powerful Agent Management Capabilities

Intigua provides SaaS providers who require agents on customer nodes (such as for monitoring and backup), a powerful, intuitive and secure way to manage many thousands of agents across multiple tenants and clouds.


Let Your Customers Easily Deploy, Configure and Manage Agents

With Intigua, your customers can:

Set policies that automatically determine which servers need which agents, the communication and security settings for each agent, and the assignment of servers to apps


Deploy agents, with a high rate of success, even in the face of unclean environments, and across different target operating systems.


Ensure the right agent version is in place, and upgrade or roll-back as needed


Configure each agent, including configuration files, registry, services, wire protocols, and URLs to report to.


Ensure agent health and data flow:

Monitor agents and auto-remediate failures

Check data flow all the way to the SaaS provider’s servers, and offer a workflow for handling failed data flow

Cap and throttle agent CPU and memory usage to prevent potential agent failures from deteriorating into application failures.


Diagnostics – the customer can gain controlled remote access to the SaaS provider’s agents (without gaining access to the entire server) to troubleshoot them, if needed.



Intigua Agent Manager implements security best-practices, to ensure the privacy and fidelity of customer data, and to prevent misuse of administrative capabilities.

While enabling your customers to manage agents across all servers, customer credentials are never uploaded to the cloud and remain secure in the customer’s own environment. All agents and their configuration are signed for ensuring authenticity.


User Experience

Intigua Agent Manager for SaaS lets your customers manage your service’s agents in the most convenient way for them:

  1. Manage agents through your SaaS’s dashboard or management console, with a white-label agent management console and API
  2. Integrate with customer-operated, on-premise configuration management tools to ensure full visibility and transparency across customer organizations

Single Sign On

Intigua Agent Manager can leverage the existing roles and permissions of users defined in your SaaS service or the customer’s enterprise SSO and RBAC solutions such as Active Directory, SAML and OAuth.



The Intigua Agent Manager is capable of handling massive deployments that include hundreds of thousands of agents and servers.