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Intigua Agent Manager

for Splunk

Speed Rapidly deploy, configure and upgrade Splunk forwarders in large-scale environments

Reliability Ensure all forwarders are working and each server is associated with the right Splunk class

SLA Throttle Splunk forwarder CPU and memory consumption so it will not risk application stability

Intigua Centrally Controls Splunk Forwarders Across All Environments

Splunk can only offer insights based on the data that is being streamed into it. To get event data out of servers, Splunk uses agents known as forwarders.


Intigua lets you easily deploy, throttle, configure, re-configure, and troubleshoot Splunk forwarders, eliminating data blindspots and saving your team countless hours of tedious tasks.


Gain full visibility of your Splunk data collection

By providing full visibility across all environments, Intigua helps you get your Splunk forwarders deployed on all relevant servers, stable, and fully-maintained.


With Intigua you'll know:


  • Which agents are accidentally turned off
  • Which Splunk forwarders are unstable or failing
  • Which servers are misconfigured
  • Which servers run older versions of forwarders and are exposed to security vulnerabilities
  • Which servers don’t have Splunk installed on them

What the Intigua Agent Manager can do for you

Centrally control Splunk data collection

Control Splunk data collection across environments, operating systems and tools from one central location

Monitor Splunk agents

Monitor Splunk agents and keep them healthy with self-remediation. 

Limit CPU and memory

Limit the CPU and memory used by Splunk forwarders. Ensure forwarder resource consumption doesn’t break your applications. 

Manage all Splunk forwarders

Centrally and remotely manage all Splunk forwarders, including:

  • Deploy and configure agents
  • Start/Stop agents
  • View and save Splunk agent logs
  • Upgrade agents and change their configuration


Configure and re-configure

Centrally configure and re-configure Splunk forwarders. 

Assign servers

Automatically assign servers to Splunk classes through policy. 

Upgrade Splunk agents

Upgrade Splunk agents with pristine installation, while maintaining its local data cache.


Let users run operations on Splunk forwarders without RDP to the endpoint servers. Using Intigua’s role-based access control (RBAC), grant users access to Splunk agent files without system-level permissions.

Discovery of forwarder and server inventory

Intigua Agent Manager talks to cloud and virtualization servers, as well as to tool servers, to build a complete, central view of which Splunk forwarders -- and other agents -- are deployed and running where, and under what configuration.